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Building and Planning

The Building and Planning Office coordinates the permitting and development of for the present and future residential, commercial, and industrial interests of Calhoun County.  Building and Planning promotes the welfare and safety of the incorporated and unicorporated areas of the County.

Application for the Development of Property (PDF)
Building Permit Application (PDF)
Code Compliance Guideline (PDF)
Disclosure Statement Building and Planning (PDF)
Electrical Service Permit (PDF)
Flood Zone Verification (PDF)
Guidelines to Building a Home in Calhoun County (PDF)
Manufactured Home Age Information (PDF)
Manufactured Home Code Compliance Guidelines (PDF)
Manufactured Home Compliance Permit (PDF)
Manufactured Home Installation Permit (PDF)
Mechanical Service Permit (PDF)
Modular Home Inspection List (PDF)
Notice of appeal to Development Appeals Board (PDF)
Owner-Builder Information (PDF)
Property Owner Consent Form (PDF)
Site Approval (PDF)
Sub-Contractor Permit Application (PDF)
Swimming Pool Permit (PDF)
Swimming pool spas and  hot tub regulations (PDF)