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Freedom of Information Act

Calhoun County has implemented a uniform FOIA policy. You can find the full policy here: Calhoun County's FOIA Policy (PDF)

FOIA requests can be submitted one of two ways:


If you have questions regarding FOIA-related matters, please contact Brandy Roberson:

Fee Schedule



A minimum charge to pay costs for responding to all FOIA requests

$3.00 (paid upon receipt of records)

Charge per page for hard copy of records

$0.25 per copy

Charge for staff time to search, retrieve, or redact records

$20.00 per hour

Charge for other media used to provide records

Actual cost of media to County

Deposit for anticipated or apparent staff time exceeding 5 hours

1/4 of estimated costs

At the discretion of the County Administrator, any portion of the rate may be waived