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Freedom of Information Act

Calhoun County has implemented a uniform FOIA policy. You can find the full policy here: Calhoun County's FOIA Policy (PDF)

**Elected Officials are responsible for their own FOIA request. 

FOIA requests can be submitted one of two ways:

Requests to inspect the following public records need not be in writing provided the requestor appears at the appropriate County office in-person and within normal County business hours 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM:

1. Minutes of all public meetings of the County for the preceding (6) six months;
2. Reports from the preceding fourteen (14) days which disclose the nature, substance, and location of any crime or alleged crime reported as having been committed (with the exception of records regarding juveniles);
3. Documents identifying persons confined in any jail, detention center, or prison for the preceding (3) three months (with the exception of records regarding juveniles); and
4. Documents produced by the County or its agent that were distributed to or reviewed by a member of the public body during a public meeting for the preceding (6) six months.

If you have questions regarding FOIA-related matters, please contact Brandy Roberson:

Fee Schedule



A minimum charge to pay costs for responding to all FOIA requests

$3.00 (paid upon receipt of records)

Charge per page for hard copy of records

$0.25 per copy

Charge for staff time to search, retrieve, or redact records

$20.00 per hour

Charge for other media used to provide records

Actual cost of media to County

Deposit for anticipated or apparent staff time exceeding 5 hours

1/4 of estimated costs

At the discretion of the County Administrator, any portion of the rate may be waived